Private Vs Public Housing

Private housing markets dominated by private investors lead to highly speculative markets, benefitting few. Here we uncover the concerns around Private Vs Public Housing.

Western housing markets are largely private housing markets.  The percentage of renters in these markets is continuing to erode the number of home-owners.  It is crucial that rental housing is managed professionally. Private housing vs Public housing.

The Australian rental market is dominated by “Mums & Dads,” much like in China. The personal finances of these landlords is directly tied to the management of rentals with very little accountability.

Looking at the US rental market where institutional ownership is close to 45% of rental housing, this has created positive competition.  It also upholds management quality through branded residences.

It is the renters that benefit most from Build-to-Rent.

Where is the balance between BTR (Institutional), Private and Public Housing?

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Source: PGIM Real Estate | Franklin St.