The Franklin St. Build to Rent Map

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The Franklin St. Build to Rent Map shows a current BTR pipeline of over 50,000 units and 144 projects.

–  Total BTR Map Pipeline: 51,947 units across 144 projects.

–  Operating BTR Units: 5,398 units. 4,827 units due to complete in 2024 (10,225 total by end of 2024).

–  Investment Platforms: 22 BTR Platforms with projects complete or under construction.

–  BTR Market Breakdown:

  • Operating Assets: 20 (5,398 units).
  • Under Construction: 31; (11,582 units).
  • Permitted: 35 (11,283 units).
  • In planning: 54 (21,627 units).
  • Proposed: 4 (2,057).

–  Market Value: $39bn (assumed completion value of current pipeline).

To read more about what we have found and our forecasts for 2024, read our latest report on the BTR Database.

All information provided has been sourced publicly and nothing confidentially shared with Franklin St. is shown in the map above. Franklin St. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.