Brisbane Infrastructure Charges Deferred 5 Years

Brisbane Infrastructure charges to be deferred for BTR developments for up to 5 years in Brisbane City Council’s latest Incentive Policy.

The Brisbane City Council (BCC) has provided a provision for developers to defer infrastructure charges for BTR projects. There will be additional support available to developments being delivered, owned and maintained by a registered not-for-profit housing provider.

The Policy will apply to the following eligible developments:

  • Approved for a material change of use for a multiple dwelling use by 30 June 2025.
  • Within the High density residential, Mixed use (Inner city), Principal centre or Major centre zones under Brisbane City Plan 2014.
  • Located for convenient access to public and active transport infrastructure and minimises any adverse on-street parking impacts.
  • For the residential use of the building is used entirely for build-to-rent purposes.